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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

St. Patrick Baby: Perfect Clothes for my Perfect Boy

I haven't had a chance to do some shopping for my baby's clothes. Before I could do so, gifts of clothes for my baby started arriving (during his baptism and the the Christmas holidays) from my friends and relatives, enough to fit Kyle until he is 5 months old. I also haven't done research on what good brands to buy for baby's clothes.  I'm on a budget (young mom eh!), so the brands that were endorsed to me by my friends and people from the internet are only for my reference and future wish-list.

One of the brands I've encountered, when I was shopping for my baby, was St. Patrick. When I felt the fabric of their clothes, I fell in love with its softness! But I couldn't not buy it because of budget constraints and the constant reminder, from my mom, to stop buying baby's clothes. Luckily, one of Kyle's titas gave him a set of St. Patrick's onesies! My mom loved it as well. It was so soft and the fabric gave my baby good air-flow through his clothes. Pawisin gaya ko kasi eh! (Sweaty like me!) Also, their sizes fit well for my baby! Others were too small. Maybe my baby is just too big for his age. Still, I love the fact that they have good sizes for my baby!

Because my mom loved it so much, she could not resist buying another set of onesies for Kyle! She bought this very cute design, pictured below!

Don't you just love the caption? I am 100% Breastfed! Oh yes, he is! This good wear for my baby should be shown off to the public!

I also received a set of mittens from Cordlife. I love their mittens because they are a very good fit for Kyle's hands - not too tight or too loose. Plus, it's made from certified organic cotton which does not use  harmful chemicals, so I am assured that it is safe for Kyle who sucks his hands, especially now that he is teething! 

I would totally recommend St. Patrick products for your baby! You will particularly love their fabric. Especially since we live in a tropical country, it will give your baby comfort from the extreme heat, comfort to move freely and, above all, you are well assured that their material is safe for baby to wear, lick or suck!

To find the nearest St. Patrick Baby store, visit www.stpatrickbaby.com.

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