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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why I love shopping at SM Supermalls... Breastfeeding stations!

Just last week, Kyle had his first mall tour at the Glorietta! Another yay moment for me! Before, I couldn't just bring him to crowded places because we still haven't given him any vaccines yet... Will explain why soon but Marve and I took the risk of bringing him to the mall -- we believe he can also build his immune system by also exposing him . Since the whole Ayala Center was crowded, we decided to just shop at a place with everything we needed -- clothes, groceries, housekeeping materials, baby stuff and shoes for me - so we decided to just go to SM (Shoemart) to avoid the monstrous crowd in Ayala. 

I just wore something casual. Something... that can show a lot if and when I had to bring out my breast to feed Kyle. I thought we would be going home right after my check-up and, as such, did not even bring a nursing top.   The situation was, therefore, pretty challenging for me. The solution  - find a private area in case Kyle gets hungry. Well, I do remember seeing posters around SM advertising breastfeeding stations within the mall so we decided to give it a try.  

For directions, we asked the guards around the mall and they were very accommodating in directing us to one at the 4th floor. As we brought the stroller with us, we had to find an elevator to get to our desired floor.  

The SM Makati Breastfeeding Station is located at the 4th floor, beside the restrooms and near the SM Appliances Store.  

Lucky for us, there were no mothers inside the station so Marve was able to accompany Kyle and me! Yay! However, in the event that there are other breastfeeding mothers inside, the station does not have chairs outside for waiting dads.

Just look for this logo at the door!

As seen below, the station has a...

Diaper-changing table
Hi Marve!

Sink and hand-dryer.

A very spacious area. 
You can also park your stroller beside the sofa.
They should add more sofas, especially for mom's who brought their kid's yayas along with them. As such, only 2 people can fit in their sofa.  What if  there's more?

Finally, I'm full! - said the happy Kyle

Total fail family picture! I was hoping to capture the three of us together through the mirror! I guess I was too excited and shaky.

As for the cleanliness, I was quite impressed with this station.  However, I've heard that other SM breastfeeding stations, in other SM malls, were quite dirty and stink but others have improved a great deal. Oh well.. I've heard that only SM Supermalls have provided breastfeeding stations, so they deserve to be commended. I just hope other malls, like Ayala and Robinsons, will do the same thing. Today, a lot of mothers are switching to breastfeeding because of its inherent health benefits for the baby.  As such, they will really need these kind of services when they go to the malls. These stations will be really helpful for moms and their babies who want comfort while breastfeeding.  Here, they also get to avoid those big-eyed stares that they get from people who are not used to seeing breastfeeding mothers!


  1. i often go to the one at MoA naman :) i love the cleanliness of their nursing stations :)

  2. It's good nga na they have improved on their breastfeeding stations. Before, I heard na dirty and may insects niya. *Well, maybe because sa milk ng mother din* but now, ang ganda na! I wanna try sa MOA! I haven't tried it yet nor went inside.