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Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Baby's First Christmas!

I'm so in love with Christmas! Last year was my first and, hopefully, my last Christmas that I wasn't able to spend with my family.  I was then on duty at AFPMC and I really felt lonely that time because I missed them so much. It was also during that time that I've found out I was pregnant and I was having stomach problems and couldn't eat with my colleagues because of the "morning sickness" that is part and parcel of pregnancy. That's when I realized the importance of Christmas with your family! Marve isn't a Catholic but he was more than willing to spend Christmas with all of us this year just to make me happy! Besides, it's Kyle's first Christmas!

We weren't able to celebrate our Christmas Eve dinner with the Layug family because most were spending it in Lucena City (Quezon) but my Tita Salve, who didn't join them, together with Tita Pinky, joined us in our celebration!  My Ninong Mark and Ninang Nenette, together with my cousins Miguel and Matthew, were also with us.

Every holiday, my grandpa would insist of having a family picture taken with him. I, being the life of the party,  managed to control the excitement of opening our gifts by calling on all of them to gather around grandpa and have the family picture taken before anything else!

 All of us! 
As usual, Kyle being the voracious little boy of the family, had his right hand in his mouth!

 Lolo with his not-so-little grandchildren and the little great-grandchild

Two of our maids, the first two on the left, will be spending their last Christmas with us this year so I made sure that they were included in the picture. The first will continue her studies while the other one is getting married! I wish them both the best of luck!

 My new family with Lolo!

 I love my Mama's face here! Happily opening our gift for Lolo!

 The two new Lolas going crazy with their apo!

 Marve is always lucky to have his Father and Son picture with Kyle! I will have to teach him how to use my camera so that I can also have my Mother and Son pictures!
Kyle having fun with his Lola (ooops! Tita) Nenette!

But wait, there's more! Haha!

Some of the pictures I took with my phone just before the dinner!

 Woke up seeing this expression from my baby! He was overloaded with so much love from Lola!

Family picture!
Look at my foot! -Kyle

 My baby is so happy! Probably excited for his first Christmas!
I have to post this picture even with the big braso! I rarely have Mother and Son pictures with my baby! Booya! I must really teach Marve to take pictures using my camera!

Happy holidays everyone! Let us all be thankful with all of our blessings and abuse this season to be with our families!

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