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Monday, December 10, 2012

Hangover: Ballet Philippines' Rama Hari

Photos courtesy of Victor Ursabia (with watermarks) - CCP Dance School Director and Ballet Master of Ballet Philippines and from BP's alumni Jojo Mamangun 

For almost 8 years, my Mom and I have always been a subscriber and fan of Ballet Philippines and, for the first time, I've never felt this kind of hangover over their production. For me, it was the most memorable production I've ever witnessed.

Rama Hari is a hit pop ballet musical based on the Indian epic Ramayana. I am familiar with this epic because we studied it during our literature class in High School so it was easier for me to explain and answer my mom's questions. This show was performed by Ballet Philippines for 32 years and was performed by famous dancers and theater artists of our time. It was a very special show because it featured amazing collaborations of work done by the best Filipino artists including National Artists! It was choreographed by Ballet Philippines' founder Alice Reyes, the ballet musical was set to the music of maestro Ryan Cayabyab, while National Artist for Literature Bienvenido Lumbera wrote the libretto and National Artist for Theater Design Salvador Bernal did the set and costume design. Source: Ballet Philippines

A few days before the show, I saw tweets from different celebrities and personalities who were so amazed with Rama Hari. I think some of them were newly exposed to these kind of shows and they became a fan of the arts after watching. I also saw pictures from Sir Victor Facebook account so I had an overview of the production. Everyday before the show, I became more and more excited to watch it with my Mom. Even with Marve's offer to be my plus one on the show, I still insisted in bringing my mom with me because I know this will be a perfect show to watch with her. We even exchanged our tickets and paid for an additional Php800 for the 6pm show because Karylle, Christian Bautista and Robert Sena were performing on that show. Casting Christian, Karylle and Robert Sena all together -guarantees an amazing show! 

When we went inside the theater, we saw a lot of celebrities and personalities even in the row we were seated in! I guess there was a viral spread of praises about the show. We saw how big the stage was -- it was elevated and we saw a orchestra downstage (yay for live music!) so we felt so much excited for the show to begin because it was so magnificent! Yay!

I only posted pictures here that I believed is almost the same as the show that I've watched last Saturday.

Katherine Trofeo as Sita and Richardson Yadao as Rama

 Robert Sena as Ravana!

My friend Dani introduced him to me when I was watching him at BP's past production of Tales of Manuvu. I was so much in-love with his talent and I was happy to see him perform again! My mom is a big fan of him as well. She gave me a brief background about him while watching... not knowing I saw him perform before and -- he is also my friend at Facebook. 

How I wish my son would be as good as him if he does decide to be a artist/performer! Amazing voice! I will have to invest on music lessons for him!

I still have a hangover with the song Awit ng Pagsinta which included Sir Robert's powerful voice!
Plus.. there is another reason for me to be ecstatic.. Scroll down at the final part of this blog.

Rita Winder (dancer) and Amparo Sietereales as Soorpanakha

During the show, my mom and I were both amazed with Winder's versatility when it came to dancing and acting! At first we thought she was a gay/guy dancer (well gay perfomers are known to be very versatile) because she was so kwela/funny especially with her facial expressions and moves! We only realized she was a girl during the scene where Soorpanakha was mutilated! Great acting! Galing! Pwede na pang-theater artist!

Brezhnev Larlar as Hanuman. You know what? He was a Ballet Philippines' dancer turned musical theater artist! He has a powerful voice! Kainggit! I wish to be a theater artist before, but I've heard I'm out of tune! Haha! Pang - dancer nalang talaga ako!

Gintong Usa. I'm not sure who the dancer is in this picture but I think it was Denise Parungao who danced this role in the show.
I love the costume! It is very attractive onstage and it defines and lengthens every developes and arabesque that the dancer does! -- and it looks very expensive too!

All I heard from the children in front of me... Ang galing ng mga monkeys! Wohooo! and the adults..  Nakakatuwa! Nakakaaliw!

Final Scene
See how beautiful the stage is and also the props! You can see that they've worked hard on it and they were very keen in every element of the production! Bravo! Money spent on the production tickets were totally worth it!

Standing Ovation from the Audience! (Photo from Sir Victor)

People were so excited to stand up and praise the cast when they did their final bow. Ang galing talaga kasi! Sobra!

 The cast for their photo-ops and autograph signing

The place was really crowded so I did not have the chance to get autographs except with Robert Sena! I even saw girls who went gaga over a celebrity beside me (whom I do not know as I have not seen him on TV). It was like I'm attending a concert wherein people were pushing to get the performers' (esp. Karylle and Christian) autograph! I felt like I've watched the great Phantom of the Opera. I didn't have the chance to watch it but I've heard from my friends that they also went gaga with the cast! 

Other tidbits of photos

with Margie Moran-Florendo
President of BP Foundation

with Sir Victor Ursabia - CCP Dance School Director and BP's Ballet Master. He is the photographer of some of the photos I posted on this blog. Click the link on his name at the beginning of this post to see his other works.

with the Great Robert Sena!
&MY ECSTATIC MOMENT. Sir Robert did actually recognized me and remembered my baby. Mama was really in shock when he mentioned Kyle! She was really amazed with  Sena's memory! He must have seen all the photos of Kyle in his newsfeed. Kyle almost filled up my whole timeline! (Gosh Kyle! Strike two! You are more popular than me!) 
If Kyle wishes to be a performer, I wish he would be as good as Robert Sena! 

If not for the no-under-3-year-old rule in the theater, I would love to bring Kyle (he is well behaved in crowded areas) to witness Sir Robert and see how memorable Rama Hari is! I want him exposed to the arts as young as possible!

I will definitely see you again Sir!

Gaaaaah! This show made me regret that I did not push myself to take dance classes when I was I kid. I was kinda tomboyish when I was young so I dislike wearing tutus. I promise that when I will have a daughter (NOT NOW! but maybe in the near-future), I will really push her to attend dance classes and practice at home so that she can also be part of this magnificent production. I would be so proud when that happens! Well, I would have been prouder of myself if I was performing with the stars! 

I would like to share the video below. I was having a hangover with Awit ng Pagsinta so I searched it at YouTube!

I noticed that Robert Sena also portrayed Ravana at this production. I will have to upload all the videos and see it for myself!

Another Rama Hari performance pleaaassseeeee!


  1. It's my boss! haha karylle! too bad wasn't able to watch :(

  2. Ang galing nga na niya eh! Bilib talaga ako sa mga artist sa TV na kaya din sa theater!